Remember the days when you couldn’t leave home without your wallet?

With the growing popularity of payment apps utilized on a mobile device, you no longer need to worry about carrying a wallet, let alone any credit and debit cards. Mobile wallet makes this all possible simply by enabling you to store debit card and credit card information in digital form to make purchases using a smartphone, tablet or smartwatch.

What makes mobile wallet so popular? In this tech-driven environment we live in, mobile wallet offers a variety of benefits to those who prefer the ease and convenience of being able to pay for goods and services, simply with the tap of a button.

Some benefits to mobile wallet include:

  • The convenience of paying for items using a mobile device instead of a credit or debit card.
  • The ability to store several cards, including major brands, cards from national and local banks, as well as store-branded cards on a mobile device.
  • Superior payment security, making transactions at terminals much more secure than using plastic cards.

While there are a multitude of mobile wallet apps available, the most popular are PayPal®, Apple Pay®, Android Pay™ and Samsung Pay. Apple Pay® and Samsung Pay work on mobile devices from their respective brand. Android Pay™ is available on several different devices; however, the phone or tablet must run on an Android™ operation system.

All mobile wallet apps are available for free and can be downloaded and tested without incurring a fee. In addition, all of the apps can be used at participating retailers as well as at locations with contactless card readers.

Many banks already offer Apple Pay®, Android Pay™ and Samsung Pay to their customers. In fact, Franklin Savings Bank recently rolled out Apple Pay® to our customers, and we plan to offer Android Pay™ and Samsung Pay in the coming months! Want to learn more about Apple Pay®? Visit or chat with us online.

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  1. John on

    After reading the article, I can see the allure of mobile banking due to it’s convenience. Since it allows you to store debit or credit card information on your phone like the article states, I can see why it is becoming more popular. I find I forget my wallet at home a lot more than I forget my phone, but that would no longer be an issue if I took up online banking.

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