Who remembers their grandfather’s bank?

Can you remember when the ATM was brand new and everyone worried about how it would someday replace tellers? Well, the ATM just celebrated its 50th birthday! Happy Birthday, my friend!

Or when you no longer had to go to the bank to get paid because Direct Deposit was the way to go? But I think I’ll still go to the bank anyway to make sure it made it into my account!

How about when your bank stopped sending the checks you wrote back in your monthly statement? Hey, I paid for those checks I NEED them back!

All of these technological advances in banking spanned over many years and took some time for us to gain confidence in them. While today’s mobile technology is growing at such a rapid pace, it’s difficult to keep up.Banking Technology

Who would have thought that you could easily make a purchase by using your phone? With Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay or Android Pay™ you don’t need to have your debit card on you to make a purchase. Your Mobile Wallet is stored on your phone and you make purchases by using the Touch ID on your phone.

Or seconds after you make that payment, your phone vibrates and CardValet® notifies you that a transaction was just done on your debit card. No need to worry because you know that it was you who did the transaction! But if for any reason a transaction is done on your debit card and you didn’t do it, you’ll get instant notification! Where was this technology 10 years ago? It was just a dream…..

Who would have guessed that you could deposit a check without having to go into the bank? Mobile Deposit allows you to take a photo of the check and snap, the deposit is made!

How many times have you waited for the bank to open or stood in long lines to open a new account or to talk with someone about your IRA account? Today you can go to the head of the line by making an online appointment to talk with your favorite banker! No lines, no waiting – they’ll be waiting for you!

Who would have thought you could walk in the bank and instantly get a debit card which you can begin using immediately? You no longer need to keep walking out to your mailbox every day to ensure that your new debit card arrives safely.

Today’s banking technology is revolutionizing the state of banking. What next? Stay tuned to learn about some other things which we see on the horizon in the years to come! FSB continues to invest in technology to make your life easier. If you would like to see additional technology please let us know. After all, Smarter Banking = Easier Living!