What is a CD Account and Why Should I Have One?

June 14, 2018

When you hear the term CD, you likely think about shiny little discs, popular in the 90’s for listening to…

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Increase Productivity for Small Businesses

May 22, 2018

  A recent report from Sage revealed small businesses spend up to 240 days annually working on administrative tasks, translating…

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Does Your Small Business Have Enough Cash to be Successful?

May 9, 2018

Cash is the fuel that gets your business up and off the ground. You need it to pay salaries, operational…

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How to Talk to Your Kids About Money

April 20, 2018

How soon is too soon to talk to your kids or grandkids about money? If they are old enough to…

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Short-Term CDs vs. Long-Term CDs – What’s the Difference?

March 14, 2018

Have you ever wondered why longer term certificates of deposit (CDs) pay a higher annual percentage yield (APY) than shorter…

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Creating a Budget You Can Stick To

February 15, 2018

If you have tried to stick to a budget in the past and have failed, fear not, it CAN be…

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What is a CD Investment?

January 26, 2018

If you are new to investing or haven’t had time to devote to researching your options beyond a basic checking…

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Curing the Holiday Spending Hangover

December 22, 2017

A holiday spending hangover isn’t much different from indulging in too much holiday eggnog – both start with a fun…

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5 Things to Bring to Your First Meeting with a Financial Advisor

September 11, 2017

You have made your first appointment to meet with a financial advisor – Congratulations! You may be feeling a mix…

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Banking Essentials For College Students

August 15, 2017

We live in a world where students are attending college at a higher rate than ever before. In the United…

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