Each year, Earth Day—April 22—marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. It’s a day where we can go outside and appreciate Mother Nature.

Here are 7 simple ways to celebrate Earth Day. Although Earth Day is only one day a year, these lifestyle changes could be beneficial for the other 364 days, too!

Turn the Faucet Off

We all catch ourselves doing it. There is rarely a need for you to leave the water running while you’re brushing your teeth or washing your hands. Next time, make a conscious effort to turn the water off when you’re not using it.


Bring Your Own Bags. We don’t need to remind everyone how awful plastic bags are for the environment. Start a new, eco-friendly habit of bringing your own bags wherever you go.

Give Your Home a Green Makeover

Since you are reading this article, chances are you care about protecting the environment. Here are some quick tips for homeowners and renters that can help you go green at home and save money.

Leave the Car at Home

Less cars on the road not only means less air pollution, it also means less traffic. If you are lucky enough to live close to work, consider walking or riding your bike. If not, organize a carpool with your coworkers and enjoy each other’s company!


Everyone’s mailbox is filled with flyers and magazines that make us think “How did I get on this mailing list?” Now is the time to contact said companies and unsubscribe from their pesky junk mail. The environment, your mail carrier, and your mailbox will thank you!

Sign up for e-Statements

Now that you have gotten rid of junk mail, let’s move on to your bills. Utilize services like Franklin Savings Bank’s eStatements to simplify your life and save a tree. Convenient and easy, you’ll receive an email notification when your statement is ready for viewing. The best part? FSB’s e-Statements are more secure than traditional paper statements.

Shop Local

If you don’t have the space to grow fruits and veggies at home, at least shop local. Buying food farmed near your home usually gives you access to better quality food than you would find at a grocery store. Research farmers markets in your area to see what produce is available near you.

And there you have it – 7 simple ways that you can celebrate Earth Day on April 22, 2019, and throughout the year. Interested in learning more? Subscribe to our email newsletter for more ways to go green, help the environment, and give thanks to Mother Nature.