‘Tis the season for weddings, baby showers, housewarming parties, and BBQ’s for every occasion. Let’s face it, once the summer weather hits in New England, those get-togethers for all of life’s major milestones pop up just about every weekend. If you’re considering gifts that have a lasting value far beyond the lifespan of a set of pots and pans or a new stroller, here are some financially savvy options for just about any budget.

  Short-Term Long-Term
Wedding Help the happy couple make the most of their honeymoon travels by contributing toward their airfare, hotel, activities, or practically anything else at Honeyfund.com. Simply choose the amount you’d like to contribute and tag your contribution with what you’d like them to use it for. The funds will be delivered directly to them and you don’t even have to wrap a package for this financial wedding gift! If you’re planning to give a financial wedding gift of $1,000 or more, directing your gift into a high-interest, guaranteed CD account will go a long way toward helping them with a future major purchase, such as a down payment on a new home. If you’d like to do this with a much smaller budget, consider going in on a CD account with a few other friends or family members to meet the minimum deposit requirement.
Housewarming If your friends have purchased a fixer-upper of their own, help them defray the costs of remodeling with gift cards to their local hardware or gardening store, or gift them a few hours with a professional, such as an interior designer. Any of these ideas will last a lot longer than flowers or a bottle of wine. Go in on a CD account with a group of friends. To meet the minimum deposit requirement, each couple can contribute a small amount. This account can be used to help the new homeowners build their emergency fund to cover unexpected home repairs down the road.
New Baby Everyone knows that babies are expensive, but just as parents are getting past the hurdles of diapers, infant furniture and clothing, they often face new, and the likely even higher expenses of childcare and/or preschool. Looking for a financial baby gift? Try investing a gift of $100 into a Smart CD will grow the investment and help to defray any educational expenses even without penalty if the funds are withdrawn before maturity. Help to invest in the child’s future college education. The average cost of annual tuition has been steadily rising for years with no plateau in sight. Contributing to a 529 Plan, as a financial baby gift, in the child’s name, and even better, setting up a recurring transfer into that account from your own, will go a long way toward helping the child receive a quality education.


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