From a technological standpoint, applying for a mortgage has never been easier. You can apply 24/7 via what seems an unending supply of mobile applications and websites. On the contrary, providing the necessary proof that you can afford the mortgage and that you are who you say you are is more challenging. If you’re wondering why and what you can do about it, read on!

Mortgage ChecklistBecause of the collapse in the housing market that led to many families losing their home, the government set guidelines for the types of documents your lender needs to insure you are capable of affording the mortgage. Documents to verify your income, employment and assets will be required and the type of documentation will depend on the type of income and assets. In addition, the lender will verify that you are who you say you are. For a complete list of documents needed, visit

Your natural instinct may be to push back when your lender provides you with that list. However, your chances of experiencing a smooth process towards the closing table will improve significantly once you are able to provide the information requested in a timely manner. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) suggests that you create a loan application packet similar to one that can be found here.

Substituting information for what is requested can be significant enough to delay the entire process. If in doubt, ask before you submit. By providing the documentation as requested and in a timely manner, you are helping your loan originator provide you with a smooth and seamless process for what can undoubtedly be an extremely stressful experience. By submitting the documents your lender requests exactly as requested, your home buying or refinancing experience can avoid the nightmare of a missed closing date.


Written by Ulrike Smith