Experience shows that victims spend, on average, more than 175 hours of personal time to recover from the damage caused by identity theft. In addition, the out-of-pocket costs of resolution can run between $750 and $1,800.

We’re here to help!

In our ongoing effort to offer unique and valuable solutions to our customers’ needs, Franklin Savings Bank has partnered with one of the nation’s premier victims’ advocacy experts, CyberScout, to offer Identity Theft Resolution Services to eligible customers and members of their households.

Identity Theft Resolution Services gives you unlimited access to a highly experienced fraud specialist who will guide you through the complicated resolution process from start to finish, so you can move on with your life.

You’ll get comprehensive one-on-one expert assistance in a wide range of identity-compromising situations. Whether you’re confronted with a serious identity theft crisis or would like to take preventative measures in the event of a lost or stolen wallet, you can count on swift and painless resolution. As part of the process, you can expect the following services:

  • Unlimited one-on-one access to a fraud specialist who will handle all the work
  • Proactive assistance after any suspicious activity
  • Comprehensive case file creation for insurance claims and police notification
  • Preparation of all needed documentation
  • Ongoing credit monitoring until the problem is corrected
  • One year of fraud monitoring of over 1,000 public records databases
  • An additional year of active follow-up

CyberScout Knowledge Center and Identity Theft Prevention Tips are two terrific resources to bring you news alerts and a wealth of prevention tips.

And the best part is that this service is free to FSB PassKey customers and available to all other eligible FSB checking, savings or money market customers for only $15.00 per year. There are no additional charges. Plus, that one low annual fee covers everyone in your household, including dependents under the age of 23 who may be living outside the home, like at college.

The possibility of identity theft should be taken seriously. Therefore, FSB recommends taking advantage of this valuable, reassuring, and affordable solution.

Thank you for trusting Franklin Savings Bank to provide answers for all of your banking needs. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to offer these important Identity Theft Resolution Services to you.