Popmoney Lets You Send, Request and Receive Money – While You’re on the Go!

Splitting lunch with a friend? Need to pay the babysitter? Popmoney lets you send those quick payments to friends, family, and colleagues quickly and easily via your mobile device. It’s the most secure way to send money electronically, and you do not need to know the recipient’s bank account information to make a payment. How’s that for smarter banking?

Popmoney Benefits:

  • Easily send payments using your mobile device
  • Send a payment for as low as $0.50
  • Receive money from others free of charge
  • Secure electronic payments
  • Quick payment processing

Great Ways to Use Popmoney:

  • Split rent or bills with roommates
  • Split the check at a restaurant
  • Send spending money to college students
  • Collect funds for a joint gift/event
  • Donate to a community group or team
  • Pay the babysitter, dog walker, or house sitter
  • Accept payments for side jobs
  • Cash-only business transactions

How to Send Money:

  • Select a recipient using their email or mobile phone number
  • Enter the payment amount and date
  • The recipient will receive a notification that the money is ready to be deposited into their account
  • That’s it!

How to Receive Money:

  • The recipient will be alerted to a payment via a text message or email
  • The money will be deposited into the recipient’s account
  • Done!

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