Do you still receive your monthly bank statement in the mail? Have you ever thought about switching to electronic statements to avoid the hassle of waiting for your statement to be delivered? e-Statements provide a fast, safe, and secure way to receive your monthly bank statement. Plus, you can store up to 24 months of statements for viewing.

If you haven’t yet switched, here are six reasons why you should consider signing up for e-statements.

  1. FSB e-StatementsFast Delivery. Your statement will be accessible for viewing as soon as it is ready. You will receive an email notifying you when your monthly statement is available. No more waiting for your statement to arrive in the mail!
  2. Increased Security. Unlike paper statements, an e-statement is secured by your online login credentials with your bank, therefore, access is limited to only you. With paper statements, there is the potential risk that your statement may be inadvertently delivered to a wrong address, or could be taken from your mailbox by someone looking to steal your personal information.
  3. Easy Access. Ever have trouble locating your paper statement? With e-statements, you can access your monthly bank statement whenever and wherever you want, at a local coffee shop, your office, the couch, or on an airplane. Statements can be view from a computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile device.
  4. Environmentally Friendly. Say goodbye to paper! e-Statements replace the paper version of your monthly bank statement. Reducing the use of paper is also good for the environment by saving trees and reducing greenhouse gases.
  5. Reduces Clutter. Eliminate excess paperwork and mail. e-Statements can also be saved onto your computer/external drive or printed for safe keeping – it’s your choice!
  6. Stay Organized. Without any paper statements to file away, you can stay more organized with your finances. Statements can be viewed online for up to 24 months, which can make budgeting easier!

While we only covered six reasons why you should consider switching to e-Statements, we can certainly think of many more! e-Statements make it easier to access your monthly bank statements, anytime, anywhere, and on virtually any device. Sign up for FSB e-Statements today!

Written by Dawn Beers

Dawn Beers

Dawn heads up our marketing department where she is responsible for the general oversight and management of the Bank’s marketing and public relations initiatives. This involves managing the planning, organizing and directing of our advertising, public relations, product development, sales promotion and research efforts.

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