SVP, Chief Human Resources Officer

SVP, Chief Human Resources Officer; Boston Bruins Fan & Sun Worshipper

Carol is our SVP, Chief Human Resources Officer and is the longest serving employee at FSB – an astonishing 40 years and counting! Carol helps promote our culture by educating employees on the FSB Pledge of Excellence, which consists of 10 principles: accuracy, quality of service, professionalism, confidentiality, teamwork, respect, timeliness, innovation, communications, and enjoying the journey. Additionally, she is responsible for recruiting highly-driven, community-minded, and well-educated individuals who are committed to delivering the highest-level of service to our customers. She welcomes the opportunity to speak to anyone interested in pursuing an exciting and rewarding career in community banking!

Fun Facts:

  • Carol has an Associates’ Degree in liberal arts and a BS in business administration from Colby-Sawyer College in New London, NH.
  • Her favorite TV shows are the Andy Griffith Show and Hogan’s Heroes. She finds these classic sitcoms easy, laid-back programs to watch when you “just need a good chuckle”.
  • If Carol could have at least one superpower, it would be able to text as fast as her daughter!
  • She has an extensive background in the banking industry, having previously worked at a number of other banks, including 1st Citizens National Bank of Newport, NH, and Northern Data Services, a subsidiary of Connecticut Bank & Trust, based in Hartford, CT.

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