VP, Marketing Officer

VP, Marketing Officer; New England Sports Fan & Boating Enthusiast

Dawn heads up our marketing department where she is responsible for the general oversight and management of the Bank’s marketing and public relations initiatives. This involves managing the planning, organizing and directing of our advertising, public relations, product development, sales promotion and research efforts. In addition, she works closely with our business units to assist them with the development and implementation of marketing strategies in the attainment of business goals. Dawn brings over 20 years of experience to her role with eight of those years spent in banking.

Fun Facts:

  • Dawn graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with a Bachelor of Science in marketing.
  • She is also a graduate of the Northern New England School of Banking, Class of 2008.
  • In 1999, she took a 15-day trip to Europe where she visited England, Scotland and Ireland. 
  • Outside of work, Dawn keeps up with her local sports teams to include the Boston Bruins, Red Sox and New England Patriots.
  • She did an internship with Maybelline during her senior year in college.

“It’s never too early to begin saving for your child’s college education.”