Don’t be fooled by inaccurate information floating around the internet or water cooler. We’re here to bust some myths about banking, so that you can see for yourself just how safe and convenient banking can be!


Online account opening

isn’t safe


Our online account opening software is encrypted for your security!

Why is Online Account opening safe? Because ensuring the security of our customers’ financial information remains a top priority. In fact, we use complex security software & encryption software to safeguard private account info.


e-Statements are not as secure

as paper statements


e-Statements are more secure!

e-Statements are more secure than paper statements because they are sent securely to your personal email or available for view online. Paper statements are less secure as there is a possibility that they could be taken out of your mailbox or delivered to a different address.


You can only deposit a check

at a bank location


You can deposit checks using the FSB mobile banking app and at any of our ATMs!

Customers can enjoy the convenience of depositing checks to their account using our mobile banking app with Mobile Deposit. Checks can also be deposited at any FSB ATM at no charge.


FSB doesn't offer

residential loans


We offer a variety of residential loans!

We also offer loan programs for first-time home buyers! Click on this Myth to check out all of our residential loan products.


My emails have no value

to a hacker


Hackers love stealing personal information from emails!

As a rule of thumb, NEVER send this kind of information over email, especially if you use an email service that isn’t encrypted!


Big banks offer

more banking options


Small banks can offer the same options as the big banks!

FSB offers several of the same conveniences as the “big guys”. We just have that community bank feel that you don’t often find at the Big Bank!

Did these myths spark some questions? Give us a call or stop by one of our locations to talk with one of our representatives.

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