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Celebrate the Spring Equinox with Fresh Finances

The countdown is on! This year, the spring equinox or first day of spring falls on March 20th. Even better news? The 20th happens to fall on a Saturday! To be specific, the spring or vernal equinox will officially happen at 5:37 a.m., which means you’ve got the entire day to celebrate all things spring. Whether that means getting a start on spring cleaning or taking a fresh look at your finances, springtime is officially upon us.

So, what is the spring equinox, anyway? Why does this mark the start of the spring season?

All Things Being Equal

Simply put, the spring equinox means that day and night are approximately equal in duration all over the world. While we might not notice the exact length of either one, we do pick up on the fact that the sun rises earlier and sets later. This is explained by the fact that the Northern Hemisphere, where we are located, starts tilting towards the sun following the spring equinox.

Other signs of spring are found in nature, with the reappearance of creatures like worms; in fact, The Old Farmer’s Almanac explains that this is why the full moon in March is named the “Worm Moon;” however, other cultures have their own names for it. For instance, Native American tribes like the Dakota, Lakota, and Assiniboine refer to March’s full moon as the “Sore Eyes Moon” because of the sun’s glare off the melting snow.

Whatever moniker you prefer for this month’s full moon, we think the late Robin Williams captured it best when he proclaimed “spring is nature’s way of saying, Let’s party!”

We couldn’t agree more and also think spring is the ideal time to take a fresh look at your finances.

Spring Cleaning

Depending on who you ask, there are plenty of ways to freshen up your finances this spring. Rather than get overwhelmed with options, we advise you to focus on establishing or recommitting to good habits that will serve you in the long term. For instance:

  • Build a budget and stick to it.
  • Take a hard look at how you spend and isolate 2-3 areas where you can switch spending to saving; in other words, cut unnecessary expenses.
  • Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Have a plan that focuses on what you’ll need in the future and start prepping, accordingly.

Of course, these suggestions are always easier in theory than practice. A quick conversation with an advisor at Independence Financial Advisors can provide you with actionable steps and a plan to help you spring into a brighter financial future.

Contact IFA today to assist you with putting together a plan for your future.

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