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Get Fresh this Summer!

Support Your Local Farm Stand and Farmer’s Market

No matter where you live in New Hampshire, chances are you have a farm stand or farmer’s market right in your backyard. In fact, there’s no shortage of farms to support in this great state, which is why our team at Franklin Savings Bank is eager to share some resources to help you source the freshest ingredients this summer.

Our team believes in supporting small businesses across New Hampshire and that includes our farmers. Read on to learn a bit more about New Hampshire’s agricultural industry, along with why it’s so important to buy local whenever possible.


The 411 on New Hampshire’s Farms

Depending on where you live in New Hampshire, you might not realize that there are an estimated 4,400 farms of approximately 100 acres located around the state. Our farmers produce everything from livestock, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, and specialty products like maple syrup. Fun fact: despite being a tiny state, New Hampshire produces approximately 3% of the nation’s supply of maple syrup.

Other top crops produced in New Hampshire include apples, vegetables, and sweet corn; however, our local farmers grow just about anything you can think of, including watermelon, strawberries, apricots, and rhubarbs, and even something called a saskatoon, which is a berry similar to a blueberry.

Thanks to New England’s four distinct seasons, New Hampshire’s farmers have unique growing seasons that support a variety of fruits and vegetables. Buying seasonal produce is a great way to support the farmer’s markets and farm stands in your neighborhood. For a complete list of what’s available and when, check out this in-season produce calendar for New Hampshire.


Why Buy from Local Farm Stands?

There are many reasons to support your local farm stands or farmer’s markets; however, one of the most important comes down to basic survival. Agribusiness in the United States has grown to the point where it’s increasingly difficult for small family farms to compete. As a result, many shut down, putting a sudden end to a family’s farming story that may have spanned generations.

Buying seasonal produce, meat, and dairy products from your local farmer helps keep them in business. Besides, shopping from small farms is a great way to stay connected with your community. And there’s nothing quite like knowing exactly where your food comes from!

Not sure how to find the farms in your community? Check out this New Hampshire Farm Stand Directory and start showing support for your local farmers!

Share your favorite farmstand or farmer’s market with us on social media!


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