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In Celebration of Safer Internet Day

As more and more of our professional and personal interactions move online, including online and mobile banking, it’s important to be safe in cyberspace and that’s exactly what Safer Internet Day was designed to promote.

This year, February 9th marks the 18th annual observance of Safer Internet Day. While the intended target of this campaign is children and the elderly, this year’s theme, “Together for a better internet,” stresses safety for all.

At Franklin Savings Bank, online safety is a priority. As a bank, we deal with confidential information on a regular basis and are committed to keeping our customers — and their personal data — protected when using our online platforms.

For that reason, we’re using this week’s post to share how businesses can embrace Safer Internet Day with some actionable items sourced directly from the event’s website.


Show Support for Safer Internet Day

Perhaps this year more than any other, the importance of online safety for kids has come into clear focus. Our job is to teach and model online safety for them.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to require remote learning and young students are spending more time on screens, they are more vulnerable than ever to encountering inappropriate content or users.

In fact, nearly 93% of households with school-age children report some form of distance learning during COVID-19, which requires the Internet.

The Safer Internet Day initiative began in Europe and is recognized with different themes around the world. For the United States, the theme is:

The internet starts with I & ends with T” — asking everyone to think about “What I can do to make the internet better.” And while we can take personal responsibility for our own actions, we can also work together. “Internet ends with T,” reminds us that we’re all in this together. That includes families, companies, governments and everyone else. We all have a role to play.

Part of this role involves looking at the many roles we all play, especially as professionals who are also parents or care takers of young children. Raising the next generation to understand online safety and keep themselves safe in cyberspace is our collective task, one that community leaders must take seriously.

Please take part in supporting Safer Internet Day 2021 by sharing these Better Internet for Kids best practices with your families, friends, colleagues and customers.


Contact us today to learn more about how you can promote Safer Internet Day and #connectsafely. As always, we invite you to share your suggestions and strategies with us in the comment section below!

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