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Teach Teens to Save with the Right Summer Job

Parenting teenagers is not for the faint-hearted. Plenty of us on the Franklin Savings Bank team have done it, are doing it, or dread the day when our children morph into teens. This blog will, hopefully, help you impart some wisdom and smart saving habits to your teen. We’ll start with some advice about summer jobs and which ones are the best for teens to pursue.

Earn & Learn (to Save) this Summer

Just because school is out doesn’t mean your teenager should stop learning. In fact, your teenager has a chance to earn and learn to save some money this summer. Finding the right summer job is the first step. Of course, you might have plenty of work for them to do at home. Between basic chores and even babysitting younger siblings, there’s a chance that your teenager’s schedule is already packed with money-making potential.

If you need or prefer that they stick close to home, you might consider diversifying their tasks and maybe challenging them with more responsibility. Ideally, these responsibilities would involve learning new skills or introducing new concepts that could come in handy later on.

For instance, if you’re the type of person who does not have time to wash and vacuum your car, why not have your teen do it for you?  Yard work is another great option and something that will certainly be more affordable when handled in-house, rather than hiring a lawn care company. Have a pool? Entrust your teen with the upkeep, like emptying filters and keeping the water bug and leaf-free.

Before you scour the job postings, take stock at home and see if you can provide the opportunity for your teen to earn money, consistently, so you can start to instill smart saving habits.

Play to their Strengths

This applies at home, too, but when looking for an ideal job for your teen out in the community, focus on their passions and play up their strengths. Athletes might do well as lifeguards, for example, or as coaches or referees for younger kids. For those more inclined to academics, working as a tutor is another compelling option and one that tends to pay very well.

Those of you who keep up with our blog know that we’re committed to supporting our local farmers. These businesses provide plenty of opportunities for teenagers to find work, either at the farms or as assistants at farmer’s markets. Budding chefs would do well to gain some experience working with farmers and observing what locally sourced ingredients mean.

Need more ideas? Check out the Top 25 Summer Jobs for Teens for 2021.

Start Saving

We’ve preached this before, but it truly is never too early to start saving. Whether or not you’re a good saver doesn’t matter. You can teach your teen the value of saving their hard-earned money this summer. Part of that involves empowering their financial future by assisting them with milestone moments like opening their own student checking account.

Even before your teen secures their summer job, consider opening an account so they have a place to stash their summer savings for a rainy day.

Contact us and schedule a time to open a student checking account offering plenty of perks for your teen, such as tuition assistance. Let’s make this their summer of saving!

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