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Make Your Charitable Donation Go Further

Yes, it’s the season of giving and our team at Franklin Savings Bank absolutely believes in giving back to our community. That’s why we want to help our customers ensure that any charitable donation they might make will actually go where it’s intended.


Unfortunately, there are some bad actors among nonprofits and charities that have made even the most eager donors a bit hesitant at the thought of handing out funds.


Check out our tips for how to evaluate reputable charities and make your holiday gift go further this year. We will also spotlight some NH-based charities that are really making a difference in our local communities because, as the saying goes, “Charity starts at home.”


Feel Confident in Your Charitable Donation

As much as we might have to celebrate this season, there is also an abundance of need in our communities. Trying to determine where your charitable donation should go can be an overwhelming endeavor on its own.


Between hunger, illness, homeless shelters at or above capacity, children in need, animals eager for loving homes… the list of those we could — and should — help can feel endless. Most of us also have need within our own families.


Figuring out where to allocate your funds is personal and certainly can be a challenging decision. Worrying whether your donation will go where it’s intended isn’t something that should complicate your generosity. Don’t burden yourself with determining whether a charitable organization can be trusted.


Instead, leverage some watchdogs that devote their efforts to this kind of scrutiny, 24/7, like GuideStar or Charity Navigator, which advertises itself as “Your Guide to Intelligent Giving,” and with good reason. Simply input an organization’s name into the search bar and review their results or browse any of their dozens of lists, like Charities with Perfect Scores.


What makes a perfect score? How are these groups evaluated?


The simple answer is by reviewing a charity’s financial health, along with accountability and transparency. Check out the complete Charity Navigator’s Methodology for specifics about how these metrics are evidenced.


Before you donate your money to a charitable organization this season, consider asking a few key questions recommended by Charity Navigator and learn the importance of Avoiding Charity Scams, especially at this time of year when donors can be at their most vulnerable.


Addressing Need in NH Neighborhoods

In addition to the watchdog sites shared above, the New Hampshire Department of Justice Office of the Attorney General maintains a list of Registered Charities in NH and elsewhere around the country.

You can find even more charitable organizations and nonprofits local to NH in the NH Business Review’s Charitable Giving Guide.

Giving back is a selfless act that comes with its own reward, often experienced as feelings of gratitude, happiness or even stronger connections to our communities.

If you plan to bestow a charitable gift on a particular nonprofit this holiday season, treat yourself to the knowledge and peace of mind that your gift will go to its intended recipient.

For help planning that gift or understanding any tax considerations that can accompany charitable donations, contact your local FSB team today!

From all of us, we wish you and your family a happy and healthy holiday season of giving!

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